Sheffield’s 17 biggest pop stars: These are the city’s most popular right now, including Arctic Monkeys

From the Arctic Monkeys to the Human League, Sheffield has produced some of the UK’s best music over the years.

But who is really the most popular of all those amazing acts which have come out of the city over the last 60 years or so?

We have looked at the figures to provide a measurable answer to the question of who is Sheffield’s biggest band or singer, by taking a look at the figures provided by the streaming service Spotify.

The service provides a figure for the number of monthly listeners for all the acts included on its site, and we have looked at some of the best known Sheffield acts to put together a list nursing the current figures. We have included singers born or brought up in the city in the list.

There are still, however, some grey areas – where a singer has been with a number of bands, but not performed on all of their hits. These are explained within the list.

Below is the full rundown, from number 17 to number one. And some of the results may seem surprising.

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