Watch young Sheffield joker Jesse tell one of his jokes to raise money for charity

A Sheffield youngster has raised more than £1,000 for charity by telling jokes.

Tuesday, 29th December 2020, 12:48 pm

Jesse Wiffen, aged seven, has been making people laugh to raise money for the Child Growth Foundation.

“I thought I was going to raise £10,” he said.

“My mum has been keeping track of how much I raised and it was £1,000! I was happy and surprised.”

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An amazed Jesse Wiffen when he found out he had raised £1,000 for charity

That total had gone up to £1,245 at the time of going to press.

Jesse told one of his favourite jokes every day for 10 days over Christmas.

His mother Cat Wiffen, from Nether Edge, has been posting the jokes on social media, along with a link to Jesse’s JustGiving page.

“I think he did this just to help people that have helped us,” said Mrs Wiffen, aged 33.

“Jesse has Silver-Russell syndrome.

"It is an inherited growth syndrome which means that he doesn’t grow properly.

“He has injections every night and has a myriad of other things - really bad asthma, under-developed lungs, fatigue, allergies and balance issues.

“It was his idea to raise money.”

The Child Growth Foundation supports children, adults and the families of those with growth conditions, whether they have been diagnosed or not.

Mrs Wiffen said: “The Child Growth Foundation became invaluable to us and the yearly convention and research they are doing are so important to families like ours.”

Jesse said he wanted to raise for the charity as “they haven’t got much and they help people with their problems”.

Here are some of his jokes so far:

What is a chess player’s favourite flavoured crisps?

Pawn cocktail!

What did Obi-Wan Kenobi say to Luke when he was having trouble with the chopsticks?

Use the forks, Luke!

I sneezed all over my toast this morning.

I can’t believe it’s snot butter!

Jesse’s Just Giving page will remain open for a little longer.

Donors include Sheffield Central MP Paul Blomfield.

Find out about the charity at their website,