Figures show the most sociable parts of Sheffield, including Firth Park and Handsworth

Official figures have shown the most sociable parts of Sheffield.

The figures are based on which areas have the fewest people who are suffering from loneliness, using an index that means the higher the score, the more loneliness in the area. Therefore in the areas which are most sociable, or least lonely, the figure will be a large minus number.

Our gallery counts down from number 17, which is Sharrow, all the way to number one.

The figures, published in 2021, come from the Office for National Statistics' Data Science Campus /NHS /Red Cross.

The Loneliness Index is created by using GP prescription data to find areas with above-average prescriptions for five conditions where loneliness has been shown to be a risk factor – Alzheimer's, depression, high blood pressure, anxiety and insomnia.