How many of Sheffield's care home staff have the first vaccine?

Following reports that vaccination against Covid is to be made compulsory for care home staff in England, data has been released giving details as to how close local authorities are to achieving that goal.

By Lloyd Bent
Wednesday, 16th June 2021, 7:33 pm

Today, Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced that vaccinations would be compulsory to care home staff, calling it a ‘safe and reasonable’ step.

He also said he was considering making the jab compulsory for all NHS staff.

All care home staff will have up to16 weeks to get both doses of the vaccine from the time the new rules are approved by Parliament.

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More than 80% of Sheffield care home workers have been vaccinated.

Any staff who fail to get the jab could lose their job, or be moved away from positions in front-line health care.

Today, figures have been published by NHS England which show the proportion of care home staff in local authority areas who have had the first dose of the vaccine, and cover vaccinations up to June 6.

Staff are eligible to receive the vaccine if they have not had Covid-19 in the previous 28 days.

Older adult care homes are defined as homes serving people aged 65 and over, based on data held by the Care Quality Commission.

Of the 10,798 care homes in England covered by the data, 10,670 (99%) reported figures for first-dose vaccinations up to June 6.

Staff refers to those directly employed by the care home provider plus agency workers.

Sheffield is the local authority in South Yorkshire with the lowest proportion of eligible care home workers vaccinated.

In Sheffield, 3,687 of the 4,431 eligible workers have received their first dose. That is 83.2%.

The South Yokrshire area with the highest proportion of eligible care home staff vaccinated is Rotherham, where 1,858 out of 2,077 have had the jab (89.5%).

In Doncaster 2,006 out of 2,249 have had their first dose (89.2%) and in Barnsley it is 1,941 out of 2,191 (88.6%).

Mr Hancock told the House of Commons that the "vast majority of staff in care homes" had been vaccinated.

"We know that the vaccine not only protects you but protects those around you," he said. He pointed out that compulsory vaccinations would save lives.