Sheffield school reaches out to alumni to help celebrate 50th anniversary

A secondary school in Sheffield is reaching out to its former students in honour of its 50th anniversary.

Wednesday, 26th June 2019, 11:22 am
Updated Wednesday, 26th June 2019, 11:23 am
King Ecgbert School
King Ecgbert School

King Ecgbert School, in Dore, was formed as a mixed comprehensive school in 1969, serving around 1250 students and 160 in its sixth form. 

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A woodwork class at King Ecgbert School

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Over the last five decades, many have graced its corridors including famous names such as Olympic athlete Jessica-Ennis Hill, cricketer Joe Root and footballer Jon Shaw, who have all helped inspire students with their successes.

Now, as the school looks to celebrate the milestone anniversary, it is reaching out to as many of its alumni as possible, from all walks of life and career paths, in hopes of encouraging them to get involved with the school. 

The school’s headteacher Paul Haigh said: “King Ecgbert has held a special place in Sheffield for generations. I always say to our students I expect that a King Ecgbert education will enable students, when they leave, to do nothing less than make the world a better place.

“At this milestone in the school’s history we want to make a special effort to connect with our alumni who attended the school across the last five decades.

Former students on the grass at King Ecgbert School

“We’d like to show our current students where the King Ecgbert education has taken their predecessors and use them as role models to inspire the next generation.

“We’d love to get to know more of our alumni - everyone knows about the great role models who have become famous like Jessica Ennis-Hill and Joe Root but we also want the everyday heroes who work in health, education, charities, those who run businesses and provide important products and services to been seen.

“I know every student eventually leaves King Ecgbert but we believe King Ecgbert never leaves our students - we’d love to connect with more of the people who used their King Ecgbert education as a springboard to where there are today.”

King Ecgbert formed as an amalgamation of three schools; Abbeydale Secondary School, Greystones Secondary School and the original King Ecgbert Technical School for Girls, which opened in 1957 on Furniss Avenue.

An area outside the old King Ecgbert School building

The school was divided into two buildings, called ‘Mercia’ and ‘Wessex’, with one on each side of the road.

The students were also split across the site – lower, for children aged between 11 and 14 and upper school, for ages 15 to 18. 

However, following two years of construction, the school moved into a brand new building in 2005.

To get involved email: [email protected]

Students in class at King Ecgbert School