Sheffield Primary Schools: These reception schools refused the most pupils on National Offer Day

Far fewer Sheffield schools who this week offered little ones places in their reception classes will be oversubscribed this academic year.

Sheffield parents and their little ones have found out which ‘big school’ they will start at this September following National Offer Day yesterday (Monday, April 17).

But new figures show how fewer schools this coming academic year will be oversubscribed. Schools also on average refused fewer pupils compared to last year.

It suggests there were less pupils applying to start school in September 2023, and schools had more capacity to accept them without refusing as many children.

At the outset of the current academic year, 33 Sheffield schools were oversubscribed and on average refused between 10 to 15 pupils to fill its classrooms.

In comparison, 27 schools this year are oversubscribed, and 17 of those refused less than 10 pupils.

Additionally, many schools that were oversubscribed this year – such as Ballifield, Beck, Bradfield Dungworth, Bradway and Brightside –have reported they did not have to refuse any pupils this year. Schools like Malin Bridge, which last year refused 25 pupils, only turned down three this year.

When a school gets too many applications, it uses a priority system to decide who it must turn away. This is decided by whether the child is in care, if they have siblings at the school already and if they are within the catchment area.

Sheffield City Council says 95 per cent of children this year were offered their first choice of primary school. Three per cent were given their second choice, 0.5 per cent got their third, and 0.92 per cent – 54 children – did not get into any of their three preferences.

Below are the Sheffield schools that refused the most pupils entering reception classes for this upcoming academic year.

Not included in the data are several Catholic and Church of England schools that the council does not provide data for. They include St Catherine’s, St Joseph’s, St Patrick’s, St Maries, St Theresa’s, St Thomas of Canterbury, Parson Cross and Totley All Saints. This list will be updated when The Star receives the data.