Pigeons in Sheffield library leave students in a flap

Pigeons are reportedly nesting at a Sheffield library.

Friday, 18th October 2019, 2:29 pm

The birds have left students using Sheffield Hallam University’s Adsetts Library in somewhat of a flap, with their presence sparking a huge discussion on social media.

An anonymous student wrote on the ‘Sheffessions’ Facebook page: “We currently have nets up in our library because a pigeon gave birth in there and we’re not allowed on the top floor. I’m starting to understand why you think we’re peasants.”

More than 190 people have commented since the message was posted on Sunday afternoon.

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Pigeons (pic: Matt McLennan)

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Abigail Harris was among those to have their say, writing: “This is true. Me and a friend rescued one that was trapped and starving last year.”

Others said the post explained why they had not been able to visit the top floor.

Most people saw the funny side, and the post sparked a debate about whether birds can be said to ‘give birth’.

Several people questioned the poster’s ornithological knowledge, but one defended the use of the term.

Ethan Powell wrote: “Just a note for all the supposedly smarter uni of students, incubating fertilised eggs until they hatch still falls under the definition of giving birth as giving birth doesn’t necessarily mean to give birth to live young but to bear young by any means.”

This is not believed to be the first time pigeons have been spotted at the library on Howard Street, in the city centre, with the birds understood to be regular visitors.

A spokeswoman for the university said on Tuesday afternoon: “As far as we’re aware, the library is fully operational and the pigeons are not causing any significant disruption.”

The university has since said the netting inside the library was nothing to do with pigeons, and was put there as part of ongoing building improvements.

A spokeswoman explained: “As part of investing to improve the quality of our student library learning spaces, two small areas are cordoned off and protected by nets to allow high level work to be carried out to ceilings. Further work will be carried out to improve the library and managed in a way to minimise any disruption to students.

“Like many buildings, the Adsetts does experience visits by pigeons. They usually find their way out and we do put in place standard measures, including external netting, to discourage them.”