Utilita Hub: Energy hub on the high street here for the community

16 hours of the staff’s week at Utilita must be spent on community work and activities – and here are some of the great things they are doing for the Sheffield community.

Tuesday, 3rd May 2022, 3:39 pm

Back in 2018, Utilita opened its first hub in the UK with the aim of getting out into the communities and serving locally to help not only customers, but everyone that is part of that community too.

In June 2021, Utilita opened its Sheffield hub on the High Street, next to the Sheffield cathedral.

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The Utilita Hub, Sheffield, is situated on the High Street to offer help and advise for the local community.

The hub aims to serve the community, offering energy advise to absolutely anyone that requires it and also engages in community events as well as working with chosen local charities.

No matter whether you are a Utilita customer or not, the hub team is always happy to give free energy saving advice, something manager Callum Slavin says is very important given the current circumstances.

"With the way energy is going, in terms of price, the only thing we can look at from ground level is becoming more energy efficient – cheapest energy is the energy we don’t use.

"Things like turning things off when you aren’t using them. A lot of people don’t know that if you have a charger plugged into the wall, that is switched on, even with no phone plugged into the end of it, that is still using a lot of energy.”

Callum Slavin, Manager at the Utilita Hub, Sheffield.

Upcoming on the week commencing May 16, the hub will be hosting a cultural diversity week, in which each day will be themed around a new culture, showing their commitment to inclusivity.

On the event, Callum said: “We aim to raise awareness of all the different cultures that we have in Sheffield, because as we know we are a very diverse city and they are all cultures we support in the hub, which is effectively everyone.”

On the Saturday, the hub will round-up the week with a celebration of all the cultures, with foods from all sorts of cultures and community activities out front of the hub on the Cathedral forecourt.

At the beginning of June, the hub will then celebrate its first birthday following its first entire year open.

Callum and the team are very excited for the event, which will include community games, activities, food and treats, including a candy floss machine outside the hub.

In what is sure to be a fun and engaging day, the team will also be wearing superhero costumes, with manager Callum saying he “doesn’t mind making a fool of himself.”

The events on offer at the hub serve the purpose to let the public know that the Utilita team are there for everyone and all you need to do is pop down for anything you may need help with, customer or not.

"We want the public to know we are always here,” said Callum. “We are here for you, by all means come here for energy efficiency advice, efficiency measures and anything.”

40% of working time at the hub is dedicated to community work, hence why the hub has charity partnerships with the Archer Project, Bluebell Wood and Roundabout to give back to these charities and help those in need in the community.

The Utilita Hub is located on St James Row outside the Cathedral.