Sheffield Somaliland community raising funds following fire destroying thousands of businesses

After a fire destroyed thousands of businesses in Somaliland at the beginning of April, the Sheffield ISRAAC community has offered its support.

Tuesday, 3rd May 2022, 4:44 pm

On April 1, a huge fire engulfed Waheen Market in Hargeisa, Somaliland, taking two days to bring under control. The market was the hub of local commerce in the capital city and Somaliland have been offered assistance from the EU and Taiwan.

The emergency services in Somaliland were completely stretched and overwhelmed and thousands of traders saw their businesses destroyed in the blaze.

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This earial view shows the aftermath of the fire that broke out at at Waaheen market in Hargeisa, Somaliland, on April 2, 2022. - A massive fire tore through the main market in the city of Hargeisa in northern Somalia overnight, injuring about two dozen people and destroying hundreds of businesses, officials said on April 2, 2022. (Photo by MATAAN YUUSUF / AFP) (Photo by MATAAN YUUSUF/AFP via Getty Images)

With so many lives and livelihoods affected by this tragedy, the ISRAAC Somaliland community of Sheffield have began taking measures to support and raise funds for those suffering at the hands of the fire.

ISRAAC hosted an Iftar Dinner recently with local councillors, MPs and Somaliland community members in a fund raising effort for those suffering from the tragedy.

All around Sheffield, the community is throwing its weight behind the people of Somaliland and are doing as much as possible to raise funds and awareness for the event which has caused a great deal of suffering and hurt to the Somaliland community.

The Sheffield community is one of many communities and figures around the UK showing their support for Somaliland. After the event, UK prime minister tweeted out his support for Somaliland, tweeting: “Saddened to see the aftermath of the fire in Hargeisa with such destruction in the open market that is the economic heart of the city, affecting many small and family enterprises.

Councillor, MPs and Somaliland community members met at the ISRAAC centre, Sheffield.

“Your city will rise again and the UK will do what we can to support Somaliland’s rebuilding effort.”

Donate to the ISRAAC community’s GoFundMe here.

Councillor Safiya Seed of Burngreave at the Iftar Dinner to raise funds for people suffering as a result of the Somaliland fire.
Councillor Safiya Seed of Burngreave at the Iftar Dinner to raise funds for people suffering as a result of the Somaliland fire.