Popular traffic-free zone on Division Street in Sheffield 'should be extended' councillors say

A traffic-free zone on a Sheffield city centre street should be significantly extended because it is so popular, councillors claim.

Thursday, 16th June 2022, 7:54 am

The Greens, who control City Ward, say they would like to see restrictions on Division Street extended to the The Forum, and, in the other direction, to Sainsbury’s on Carver Street.

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Coun Martin Phipps said he believed it would be ‘really popular’ with visitors and some businesses and they would be able to ‘work out’ any technical issues around deliveries and access.

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One cafe inside the existing car-free area said their takings had doubled since it was installed in 2020.

He spoke out after more than 275 people responded to the suggestion on Star reporter David Walsh’s Twitter feed, the majority of them positively.

What does businesses think?

One cafe inside the existing car-free area told The Star their takings had doubled since it was installed in 2020.

Coun Phipps said: “It’s about creating a destination. Polluted, busy streets are not somewhere people want to stroll.

The Greens would like to see the car-free zone extend from Carver Street to the Forum.

“People say Sheffield is not Amsterdam or Brussels but we can have really nice outside eating and drinking and independent cafe culture too.”

He also credited CycleSheffield, which organised a two-day traffic-ban on Division Street before the pandemic.

Shopkeeper Debbie Moon, owner of Moonko, said: “It's very positive. Other businesses will really benefit.”

Richard Ledger, owner of LuckyFox, said: “It's been super advantageous. If they do the whole of Division Street we will need to talk about lorries and deliveries. For us, it is great.”

Gatsbys bar tweeted: “Do it. And soon.”

Adam Murray, managing director of Urbana planning consultants, said it was “absolutely the right thing to do.”

Helen Sims said: “The pedestrian area is really popular but it feels like we could make more of it - it’s literally the most busy after work social space I’ve seen. When the sun’s out it’s buzzing.”

Who has reservations?

Steven said: “I’d be interested to see air quality figures for the surrounding areas where the initiatives have been put in place. I cannot help but think channeling all traffic to specific routes is going to impact significantly.”

Madison Dunce added: “Agree in principle, however if Sheffield wants to pedestrianise the city centre and build on all the car parks. Public transport infrastructure needs to be fit for purpose.”

Neil said: “I think they destroying the city centre for car uses, this is why Sheffield is dead.”

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