Photos: Inside £1,500-a-night retreat for ultra-rich near Sheffield

Spas and wellness retreats are a popular antidote to the hurly burly of modern life - but one near Sheffield claims to be the best.

Montrose Retreats in Hathersage claims to offer ‘the ultimate in health and wellness’, with prices to match. The venue is aimed at burnt-out executives, sports professionals and ‘medium-to-ultra-high net worth individuals and their families’. And it aims to rival Swiss counterparts for ‘discretion and privacy’.

It was set up by Jonathan Edgeley from Sheffield a year ago.

He said: “Myself and the team of health and well-being experts at Montrose Retreats are thrilled to celebrate our first birthday. It’s been a really successful year and we have an audience of professionals and high net worth families from all over Yorkshire and beyond. We change one life at a time, on a cellular and spiritual level to optimise health and longevity.”

Services on offer include ‘neurosculpting’, therapeutic and holistic practices and high-tempo health optimisation - as well as good old fashioned hill walks. It can also do advanced biofeedback, assess and aid sleep using wearable technology and ‘look at one’s DNA and assess gut health and nutrition’.

Needless to say such luxury boutique accommodation isn’t cheap. It starts at £1,500-a-night, or £12,000-a-week (non-medical) for exclusive use for individuals.

Medical treatment is £2,000 per night.

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