Save on your weekly shop with the best value supermarket basket in Sheffield

The Star has compared prices across the city’s major supermarkets this week to help our readers save money.

Thursday, 30th June 2022, 11:59 am

Shoppers across Sheffield will be spoilt for choice with a number of major stores and offers to choose from.

Every week we compare prices across a range of items found in a typical weekly shopping basket to help you decide where you’ll get the best value, which in a time where prices seem to continually rise is very much an important factor.

How did the supermarkets compare?

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RIVER FALLS, WI/USA - MAY 26, 2019: Aldi grocery store sign. Aldi is is a global discount supermarket chain based in Germany.

There are some great deals to be had in a number of supermarkets this week, wherever you choose to shop.

This week at Sainsbury’s you can get 1kg of rice for just 45p. This is also the same price at Aldi.

Meanwhile, over at Tesco, you can get 80 teabags for just 55p, which is cheaper than all other supermarkets, with the next cheapest being 95p at Aldi.

And finally, 60p will bag you 1L of orange juice from Aldi, however, Tesco is also selling 1L of orange juice for just 9p more at 69p.

Here are your best value supermarket basket offers this week.

Other notable pickups include 500g of pasta for just 29p from Aldi, whereas the closest anyone else is offering is 70p from Tesco, Sainsbury’s and M&S.

Which Sheffield supermarket had the best value shop?

As our table shows, overall, the most affordable place to buy this week’s shopping basket was Aldi, coming in at £13.94.

Aldi has superstores at St Mary’s Gate, Flora Street, Archer Road, Handsworth Road, Drakehouse Way, Fox Valley Way, Littlefield Road, and Ecclesfield.

Next best for our price comparison basket was Tesco, which came in at just £20.57 this week.

Prices are correct as of Thursday, June 30, 2022. As it stands, Lidl, Iceland and Asda are currently unable to participate in our price comparison exercise.

If you’ve spotted a great value deal while shopping in Sheffield, let us know by tagging us on twitter @SheffieldStar.