Sheffield theatre audiences can meet Granny Grotbag and brave extreme weather

A new season at Theatre Deli in Sheffield kicks off on February 6 with Granny Grotbag says Goodbye.

Joshua Welch stars in a story of love, loss, dust and water infections as Granny regales you with outrageous tales of a young Northern lass out on the pull, finding the love of her life, raising her children and, now, facing the prospect of spending the last years of her life completely alone, after the death of her husband.

She confirms “old age is certainly no place for cissies”.

On February 12, The Storm Officer is written by poet Matt Black, who lived in Sheffield for many years.

Joshua Welch as Granny Grotbag

Inspired by a database of extreme weather events, Matt discovered some fascinating stories talking to people in Cumbria battered by Storm Desmond in December 2015.

He told interviewer Abi Golland: “One flood victim man told me how he couldn’t help laughing, as his wife was crying so much, he just kept on thinking how her tears were adding to the flood – which he ended up telling her. It’s incongruous and sort of impossible to deal with the unpredictability of events when you are told that wool from the flooded wool shop floated out into the street and got tangled round the propellers of the lifeboats.”