The Dore Murders: Anniversary of Sheffield's most shocking crime - three killed and woman raped in family wedding day massacre

It was the most brutal and shocking crime in Sheffield's history - and this weekend marks the 33rd anniversary of when unimaginable horror came to the city's most exclusive suburbs.

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The aftermath of the flood outside The Stag Inn and Turner Wheel, Malin Bridge

Truth revealed at last in 150-year-old Sheffield flood victims mystery

The identities of two victims of the 1864 Sheffield Flood have finally been confirmed after more than 150 years.

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Sheffield Wednesday: Retro -  amazing story of Owls legend Fred Spiksley

Sheffield Wednesday: Retro - amazing story of Owls legend Fred Spiksley

Flying Over An Olive Grove is the first great working-class football story.

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Lizzie on her rounds, seen in this 1916 cutting from the Sheffield Daily Independent newspaper

Meet the Sheffield elephant who inspired a whole herd

Sheffield is saying goodbye this weekend to the popular herd of elephant sculptures that have brightened up the city’s public spaces, so here's a picture of Lizzie, the elephant who inspired the idea.

How many of these playground games do you remember?

10 playground games children don't play anymore

Do you remember British Bulldog, Red Rover and What's The Time Mr Wolf?

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Hanrahans was one Sheffield's longest-established bars

RETRO: Remembering Sheffield's Hanrahans on Glossop Road

Twenty eight years ago Hanrahans was one of Sheffield's hottest night spots for the city’s young professionals.

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Actors Jay Silverheels, left, as Tonto, and Clayton Moore in the title role of "The Lone Ranger" are shown in a scene from the western television series in 1951. The Walt Disney Co. pulled the plug on the ``The Lone Ranger'' starring Johnny Depp as Tonto and Armie Hammer as the masked man, according to reports Saturday Aug. 13, 2011. (AP Photo, File)

Retro: ‘Please can you tek us in with you, mester?’

Children of today are warned not to speak to strangers at all times and likewise adults are wary of speaking to children that they don’t know in case they are accused of being a pervert.

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Butcher Works, Arundel Street, Sheffield

Reveal picture - Stone trough just right of the chimney

Retro: The brothers who profited from horrors of Civil War

Hello campers!

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Retro chocolate bars we wish theyd bring back

12 chocolate bars you wish were still for sale

It's Chocolate Week!
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Cycling at Ashopton in the Peak District in the 1890s

Retro: Early days when thousands flocked to see cycle racing

The first Sheffield cycling club was the Sheffield Bicycling Club, formed in 1870.

This year's STOS production, Made in Dagenham, based on the famous women car factory workers' fight for fair pay

Retro: Long-running theatre group look back to 1960s for show

STOS Theatre Company are turning back the clock as they prepare for their annual production at Sheffield’s Lyceum Theatre.

The King Edward School 1939 first cricket XI

Retro: City ex-schoolboys fought on every British wartime front

A book being launched next week at Sheffield’s Off the Shelf festival looks at what happened to pupils of a city school in World War Two.

From the Green Un of August 15, 1987

Retro: The Sheffield school cricket team which won every match for five years

A Sports Retro reader recalls a team described by the Green Un as one of the most successful school cricket teams in Sheffield history.

Sheffield Eagles celebrate  League 2 Play Off-Final victory over Swinton at Warrington.

Retro: Sheffield Eagles’ playoff glory, 10 years ago

Glory days are back for Sheffield Eagles, reported James Collins as the club clinched promotion on Sunday, October 8, 2006.

Sheffield Eagles
Those were the days - 90 years of caring for Doncaster people

Those were the days - 90 years of caring for Doncaster people

If there’s one building in Doncaster we can all claim to have set foot in at least once in our lives, its probably Doncaster Royal Infirmary.

South Yorkshire Transport, 1986

VIDEO: Amazing footage of how Sheffield’s buses used to look

Here's some great footage of South Yorkshire Transport and other colourful buses that frequented the city in the mid 1980's

Retro: Run for it father, the Calor gas’s running out

Retro: Run for it father, the Calor gas’s running out

Have you been on holiday to a lifestyle destination this year? Well, in the old days you would have called it simply a caravan park or camp. But not any more, as there has been an attempt to make the whole experience much more upmarket than you possibly remembered then.

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Chapel Walk, Sheffield - The Provisions Stores founded by Mr Alwin Hibberd Holland

Retro: Past life of gallery stays in the frame above shops

You may have the feeling of déjà vu when reading this article and that’s because I have covered this hidden piece of Sheffield before.

19 Sept 2016...Photographer Jeremy Abrahams with some of his images from '' Arrivals - Making Sheffield Home'' a new exhibition which opens at the Weston Park Museum on Saturday 24 Sept. Picture Scott Merrylees

Retro: New arrivals who changed their adopted home forever

Photographer Jeremy Abrahams is celebrating Sheffield’s history of immigration in his new show, Arrivals, at Weston Park Museum.

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the late Ronnie Barker when Open All Hours was being filmed in Doncaster.

Retro: The day we said good night to him .....

Eleven years ago this week, the comedy world was in mourning at the death of one of Britain’s best-loved stars.

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