VIDEO: Hands-on with Philips’ pocket cinema projector

The Philips PicoPix pocket projector
The Philips PicoPix pocket projector
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An entire cinema stuffed inside your pocket. That’s the tantalising proposition behind the latest spate of portable projectors, a new breed of gadget which allows you to watch any video content from any device, anywhere in the world.

Headed by global Japanese giant Philips, the PicoPix pocket projector line starts at just £140 and will hook up to a mobile phone or tablet and beam out a screen up to 120 inches in size onto any flat surface.

The PicoPix PPX4350W boasts a two hour battery life and will play any video from a mobile. It connects directly to a mobile over Bluetooth, via a HDMI cable or can play off an SD card or USB stick.

In the car, camping in a tent or just on to use an office wall for business presentations on the go, the PicoPix can make a 60 inch screen from 112 inches away.