Up-and-coming Ashfields happy to Talk about Sheffield show

With a new musical approach, Nottingham band Ashfields have seen the rewards as their latest single has entered the Dutch Indie charts.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 21st June 2018, 6:00 pm

And Carl Kynaston, guitarist, says things are going “great” for the band at the moment as they gear up for a show in Sheffield on Sunday.

It comes after they took some time off to plan their future, moving toward a heavier indie-rock sound from their original indie-pop.

“It came as a natural thing for us,” says Carl. “Since we made our come back in March things have just blown up, which is a blessing as you never know how fans will react to a sudden change in writing style.”

Ashfields released the single We Don’t Talk lsat month – and the five-piece were thrilled to reach the top-40 in the Netherlands indie charts.

Carl says: “It was amazing seeing it blowing up, as it felt like a new life for us and a fresh start.

“The feedback has been insane. The feeling of seeing people singing a song I wrote in my bedroom, just never gets old.”

Carl formed with Ashfields with guitarist Tommy Cotterill three years ago, “almost by accident”,.

“It was more of just us writing music and not really doing much with it,” he says.

They are joined in the band by singer Dev, bassist Jay Sanderson and drummer Josh Boam.

They describe releasing music as “nerve wracking”, but also “refreshing to sit back and know people are loving what you’ve created”.

Carl says: “You spend months wring new music and you go through phases of ‘this is the best song ever, I love it so much’ to then, having heard it 100 times, you begin to think ‘maybe we should re-record this part, or we should take this out.”

Nothing, however, beats playing live for the band.

“You’ll never replace that feeling of walking out to a sea of music thirsty fans aching to cut shapes to your tunes,” says Carl, ahead of their live show at Sheffield’s The Green Room, on Sunday, June 24, after the Devonshire Street venue opened a new gig room.

“We just play wherever and whenever.

“Obviously it would be nice to go overseas and start selling out some shows, but I think we need a few more UK shows before we think about that.

“The way things are going, our writing is getting better, the festivals are getting bigger, the crowds are growing, the fans are coming in thick and fast. It can only go up.

“So hopefully this time next year we could be looking at a label, an album, touring Europe. The possibilities are endless.”