Troublesome pair warned of jail term

LOUTISH brothers - one of whom claimed he could not help swearing at neighbours - have been warned they face jail if they continue their abusive behaviour.

Wayne and Ian Hooton were also told their mum Sue will be evicted from their Parson Cross home if they break the conditions of two year anti-social behaviour orders imposed at Sheffield County Court.

Action was taken against the pair, aged 22 and 21, after they drove neighbours in Holgate Avenue mad with noisy motorbikes then swore and threatened them when they complained.

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When interviewed by The Star, Wayne Hooton said of neighbours Valerie and Terry Bream, both aged 70: “We just don’t get on. She’ll come out and I’ll swear at her. I’m not threatening her - I’ll just say ‘shut the **** up and get in the house’. I swear accidentally and can’t help it.”

Under the terms of their ASBO, both Hooton brothers are forbidden from harassing or causing alarm and distress to their neighbours. They must also not carry out work on motor vehicles which causes a nuisance.

Sheffield Council was also granted a postponed possession order against Mrs Hooton. If the brothers breach their ASBOs, they could be jailed for up to five years - and the authority can apply to the courts to evict the family.

Mr and Mrs Bream’s daughter Faye Hodgkinson said: “We’re disappointed with the result because we thought they were going to finally get evicted. “We want them out - they’ve caused enough trouble.”

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But she added: “Because of the ASBOs and possession order, if they step out of line they will hopefully be evicted.”

Coun Mazher Iqbal, Sheffield Council cabinet advisor for safety, said: "We have warned this family several times about their behaviour and will continue to take action until they stop causing a problem for their neighbours.

“Their behaviour has been unacceptable and we hope that legal action and the threat of losing their home will finally make them change their ways."

The Hootons were taken to court because the council says the brothers’ behaviour did not improve despite interim anti-social behaviour orders being issued against them in April.

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Mr and Mrs Bream - who were among several neighbours suffering problems with the family - said they have been targeted ever since they challenged the Hootons for revving motorbikes in their back garden two years ago.

They also claimed gangs of “intimidating” youths regularly hang about outside and people call at the terraced property all hours of the day and night.

Residents said Ian Hooton used to cut up cars with an angle grinder in front of the house, and that they were appalled by the smell of the Hootons’ collection of Staffordshire bull terrier dogs.

When contacted by The Star, Sue Hooton said she had “no comment” to make about the case.

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