Toddler calm eating workshop is perfect choice for picky eaters

Toddler calm eating workshop
Toddler calm eating workshop

Does every mealtime with your toddler feel like a battle?

Perhaps you have a picky eater on your hands? Do they refuse to sit at the table and finish their food, or turn their nose up at everything you offer? Would you like some tips and tools to help manage these behaviours? 
CalmFamily Sheffield and South Yorkshire is hosting a three-hour Toddler calm eating workshop this Saturday, from 1pm to 4pm, suitable for parents of children aged one to four. The course will cover: what normal toddler eating looks like, including child taste development and eating habits; adjusting expectations for less stressful mealtimes; identifying your own food hang-ups and issues to prevent these from affecting your child; digging deeper into your child's eating to work out what is really going on with their eating; simple tools and frameworks to develop calmer, less stressful mealtimes for the family. Visit calmfamily.org for details.