VIDEO: Strongman superstar Eddie Hall heads to Rotherham’s Millmoor and reveals Hollywood plans

STRONGMAN Eddie Hall returns to South Yorkshire this weekend to find new super talent and today revealed Hollywood plans to follow in the footsteps of pal Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Friday, 2nd August 2019, 12:29 am

The 31-year-old retired world's strongest man is hoping to become the next muscle star of the big and small screen.

In an exclusive chat with Graham Walker he revealed details of his two new TV shows, a documentary and spoke of movie projects.

But he assured fans he will be taking time out from his busy schedule to watch the Official Strongman Games European Championships, at Rotherham United's former Millmoor ground this Sunday, August 4, from 10am. For details visit

On his Twitter account @eddiehallWSM, he said: "Looking forward to watching the @OffStrongman games this Sunday in Rotherham I'll be there all day. See you there. Tickets:- Big Love The Beast.

TICKETS: Tickets are £10 adult, £5 under-12s, £25 for a family ticket - two adults and two children – and can be bought on the day on the door, subject to availability, or in advance from SIV tickets online at

Dozens of budding strongmen and women, who have already qualified to take part, will compete in five key events in Rotherham on Sunday – deadlift, log press, yoke, forward hold and sack loading race.

The top three in each category will earn their invite to the Official Strongman Games: World Championships.

Eddie Hall with Arnold Schwarzenegger. Photo: Eddie Hall

Eddie says he will soon be seen on UK TV screens in The Strongest Man in History, recreating legendary feats of strength, and Eddie Eats America, a man versus food type show.

The Beast, as fans affectionately know him, is also making a second documentary about his life, which will feature his Terminator superstar friend and former bodybuilding legend Arnie.

Inspired by the Hollywood star's own move from muscle man to movie icon, Eddie hopes to continue as a pundit at strongman arena events by Giants Live, which also runs the World's Strongest Man TV show.

Official Strongman Games European Championships 2019 at Millmoor in Rotherham on Sunday, August 4, from 10am

But TV and movie roles could make Eddie a global household name and introduce him to viewers who have not yet heard about his super human strength.

The only living human being to lift half a tonne off the floor when he claimed the deadlift world record at Leeds First Direct Arena in 2017, said he was worried about retiring from strongman competition.

But it's paying off.

Eddie, who dropped six stones after winning the world's strongest man title also in 2017, now weighs a slimmed down 26 stones. The 6ft 3ins star said: "I'm feeling great. When I look in the mirror I'm seeing good results from my training on my diet

Eddie Eats America. Photo: UKTV

"I've landed two big TV shows - Eddie eats America is my own eating show, a sort of the man vs food, with strongman and a bit of culture in there.

"Then I've got the show The Strongest Man In History for the History Channel - going back in time, doing feats of strength made famous by the likes of Hercules. We've see pictures of people picking up bulls on their backs. We're investigate that to see if it can be done.

"I'm also doing a big documentary Eddie Strongman Two with Arnold Schwarzenegger and I've got some big movie plans lined up later next year as well. it's all gone crazy.

"It was a big worrying decision to walk away from strongman but with all the chaos that's been going on in my life lately it's well been worth it to walk away.

Could he be making a movie with Arnold Schwarzenegger?

Eddie, married with two kids, from Stoke On Trent, smiled: "It could well happen. I'm working my arse off doing my networking I'm in with the right people, doing all the trips to LA. I'm all over the place.

The Strongest Man In History stars Brian Shaw, Nick Best, Eddie Hall and Robert Oberst

"Strongman was a stepping stone. I wouldn't say to bigger and better things, it's just stuff that's got more longevity in my life. It was a stepping stone to an equally great experience.

"I will always have a place in strongman. At the end of the day I brought the world's strongest man title back to the UK after 24 years and I'm the only living human being to lift half a tonne off the floor."

TV show The Strongest Man in History, which is currently showing on the History Channel in the USA and will air in the UK later this year, teams him up with four times world's strongest man Brian Shaw, American log lift record holder Robert Oberst and grizzled strongman veteran Nick Best trying to break the world's most legendary feats of strength associated with the likes of Samson, Hercules and Thor.

They attempt insane acts of physicality, including pulling a Viking war ship, strapping pianos on their back as they race down a street, rolling up frying pans with their bare hands and lifting 2,700 lbs of people.

Eddie Eats America will see him work up an appetite facing America's toughest and most bizarre tests of strength, including an aeroplane pull, wrestling giant fish and bending iron bars with his bare hands, as he then tries to conquer the biggest eating and strength challenges that the USA has to offer.

He will consume everything from New York's biggest sandwich, The Monster, to The Casian Crawfish Challenge in Houston, a 2lb bowl of crawfish cooked in one of the world's spiciest peppers.

Eddie will consume up to 12,000 calories a day to feed his extreme bodybuilding regime and will take on everything the most calorific country on the planet can throw at him in the new UKTV Original to be shown later this year on Dave TV channel.

UKTV's Iain Coyle, Head of Comedy Entertainment, said: "Eddie is a big character, and I don't mean just because he's a big unit, although when he came in to see us, he needed two chairs, one for each buttock.

"What I was struck by was the strength of his personality and I'm sure the eateries of North America will feel the power of that, as well as his ferocious appetite.

Dave channel director, Luke Hales, said: "Eddie 'The Beast' Hall is the perfect person to take Dave viewers on the ultimate competition of food and strength in super-size America. Good luck to him!"

The Strongest Man in History to be screened on the History Channel