Train mad couple complete marathon 14-week journey to visit all of Britain's 2,563 railway stations

A train-mad couple have made history after visiting every single one of Britain's 2,563 railway stations.

Thursday, 24th August 2017, 1:29 pm
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 1:02 pm
Geoff and Vicki at Wick - their final station. (Photo: All The Stations).

Geoff Marshall, 44, and Vicki Pipe, 34, who rattled through all of South Yorkshire's stations during their 14-week marathon journey across the UK, completed their voyage at Wick in Scotland.

The pair visited 30 stations every day - and have become the first people to visit every railway station in Britain.

The couple began their adventure in Penzance, Cornwall – the most southerly station in the country - and criss crossed the nation, recording their adventures for an upcoming film.

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In order for a station to count as “visited”, the pair had to arrive or leave on a train that was scheduled to stop there, so passing through on a fast train wasn’t allowed.

The London Underground, Tyne & Wear Metro, Glasgow Subway, heritage railways and stations in Northern Ireland were not included.

Geoff and Vicki, from London, used National Rail’s All Line Rover tickets, which cost £745 and allow unlimited travel for 14 consecutive days, to get around.

In total they spent over £10,000 on train fares as part of their “All The Stations” project.

Geoff, a freelance video producer, is a self confessed train buff and twice held the world record for visiting all the tube stations on the London underground in the fastest possible time. Geoff said: “One day the question ‘how long would it take to visit every train station in Britain?’ came up in conversation. I started to think about it and eventually began planning it. “But it’s

Having raised £38,654 through crowdfunding, the couple spent exactly 14 weeks, six days, eight hours and 22 minutes ticking off all the stations listed by the Office of Rail and Road, making 60 videos along their journey.

Watch Geoff and Vicki’s adventure on their Youtube channel, or see the All The Stations website for more information.