Sheffield's 'small but lively Indian restaurant' that you should definitely try

After tucking into my starter I realised that this visit to Bambukat would be the first of many.

Monday, 6th September 2021, 3:07 pm

The small but lively independent Indian restaurant on Fulwood Road in Broomhill opened two years ago and has flown under the radar ever since.

It is surprising that this restaurant hasn’t made more noise because my visit was exceptional.

I found my table between two largeish parties, but it never felt too loud, nor thankfully too quiet. I ordered a double gin and tonic and perused the menu.

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A lovely meal.

I found an enticing offering of small plates, providing the option of a tapas style tasting experience, in addition to larger dishes, with different rice and naan options.

Whenever I go out to eat, I always like to try something different, so if there is an item on the menu that I haven’t heard of I am generally drawn to it. This is why I opted for lotus fry to start - crispy lotus root tossed with ginger, garlic, onion and spices.

Generally I also find that in trying to be adventurous I end up choosing a dish that I would have liked less than a safer option. Not so on this occasion. I don’t have the greatest threshold for spice, but I found the lotus root to have a delicious kick without being overpowering. The root was chewy but not so much so that I felt that I was giving myself a workout.

The presentation was somewhat lacking - it looked as though the lotus root had been dumped on the plate, the spicy paste dropped on top, and a side salad hastily heaped on the edge of the plate. But then, this goes with the street food aesthetic which Bambukat successfully pulls off.


Next up was the main course - and whilst I do aim to try new things where I can, there are certain dishes I can’t resist once I spot them on a menu. And so it was that I ordered a lamb rogan josh with mushroom rice.

It was presented as any good curry should be: in two large silver dishes that makes you wonder how you will ever finish the meal.

But what a marvellous meal it was, any chance of me not finishing the curry (though I still managed to leave some rice) vanished after my first mouthful.

The sauce was rich, thick and full of flavour. It was less spicy than the lotus root, but with enough heat to make you feel you’re at an Indian rather than say, a Wetherspoons.

The rice too, was lovely, soft, and generously portioned.

As I sat back, feeling really rather full, I sipped on a bottle of Bombay Bicycle, a perfectly fine light beer, which they serve bottled. At this point I was able to appreciate the decor of the restaurant. The stripped back, almost rustic feel was very much my style.

All in, the meal came to £23.50, which I consider great value. All the food and drinks came out quickly, and tasted fantastic. I will certainly be planning a return visit soon.