Sheffield pub and hotel refused permission for rooftop bar branded 'eyesore'

A Sheffield pub and hotel has appealed after the council said it couldn’t build a rooftop terrace.

Wednesday, 31st March 2021, 12:22 pm
Updated Wednesday, 31st March 2021, 12:31 pm

The Psalter in Nether Edge wanted to create an outdoor rooftop bar with 1.8m high glass enclosure screens and a new external staircase at the front of the building.

Council officers used delegated powers to refuse the application for both planning and health and safety reasons but the pub has appealed and an inspector will now make a final decision.

The bar would open between 10am and 10pm but more than 20 residents had objected, saying they would be disturbed by noise, lighting and customers overlooking their homes and gardens.

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The Psalter.

Planners described the external staircase as “highly visible, intrusive, completely out of character and an eyesore” and said glazed panels were “inappropriate” in a conservation area.

A report says: “An existing external area to the front of the property has been the source of complaints about noise and an outside area at roof top level would mean more customers outside and this would lead to an increase in noise.

Residents on Penrhyn Road would now be affected by noise, where previously they might not have been because customers currently only sit out at the front.”

The council’s environmental protection service also raised health and safety concerns as the staircase would be the only route to the new bar.

The report adds: “Customers and staff could use the staircase simultaneously at times, possibly with staff carrying food and drinks.

“Despite confirmation food and drink would be prepared and served from the roof terrace, no plans have been submitted to show a kitchen area or any catering equipment.

“There are no measures that would prevent people buying food or drinks at ground level and then carrying them up, so customers and staff might end up on the new staircase carrying bottles, glasses, plates and food.

“There’s also concerns about the potential for bottles or glasses being dropped onto customers below.

“The scheme as a whole has been poorly designed without serious thought about the practicalities of how the roof terrace will operate.”