Sheffield dad-of-four who weighed 31 stone sheds nearly half body weight in six months - see the pictures

A dad of four from Sheffield has shared his astonishing weight loss journey and said that without it he might not have been alive today after contracting Covid-19.

Monday, 15th March 2021, 3:00 pm

Matthew Howe, aged 41, from Stocksbridge, decided to turn his life around after stepping on the scales in September last year to find out that he weighed 31st, which hit home according to the dad of four.

He even revealed that without his weight loss, he might not have been alive after he and his wife both contracted Covid-19 back in January.

“If I’d have been at my biggest, I might not have been here,” said Matt.

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Matt Howe before he lost 10 stone.

Speaking about his incredible journey, he said: “In mid-September last year, I got weighed, pressured by my children and my family more than anything; they’ve always wanted me to lose weight, but you know how it is.

“I pulled up some courage and stepped on the scales, and 31 and a half stone I weighed, from then on in it kind of hit home that in needed to do something about it.

“I’ve got four children, my youngest little boy is autistic, and I just thought I need to be around for them, and I thought if I can’t do it now, I’m never going to be able to do it, so I decided to change my lifestyle.

He started by switching up his cupboards and sacrificing unhealthy foods, including fizzy drinks, takeaways and chocolate, while also cutting the portion sizes of his daily meals.

Matthew Howe from Stocksbridge weighed over 31 stone in September but has now lost 10 stone by switching up his lifestyle.

Matt believes that the key to his weight loss was down to being in the right frame of mind, and recently he has welcomed a puppy into his home, which he says has helped him shed ten stone in weight.

He said: “My diet now is completely different, the food is just fresh produce all the time whereas before it’d be a takeaway, a greased spoon somewhere. It’s just about eating fresh fruit and veg and taking the time to cook our own meals.”

“We’ve just got a puppy that I wasn’t bothered about walking, so I decided to start walking him and change my lifestyle.”

As of last Friday, Matt has lost ten stone in body weight and is now aiming to lose three to four stone, with the eventual goal of 17st his main focus.

Speaking about his reaction to losing the weight, he said: “The first time it hit home was when I got weighed last Friday, and I’d lost ten stone. I used the same scales in boots, and I cried my eyes out.

“I know that my clothes are different, but when I look in the mirror, I’m still the same; I’m still Matt. I’ve gone from a size six XL to a two XL in tops; I’ve gone from 54 jeans to 42. I know they’ve changed, but I’m still me.

“When I hit ten stone loss, it was very emotional for me.”

For anyone else looking to lose weight, Matt has said it’s about taking baby steps and being in the right frame of mind.

He added: “Rome wasn’t built in a day that’s what I tell people, take them first steps out, and they’ll become strides soon enough.”

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