REVIEW: Introducing the new must-have accessory for runners - FlipBelt

After years of tucking keys in uncomfortable places, faffing to strap my phone to my arm, and trying to carry water and/or gel packs at the same time, I have discovered a revelation for runners!

Thursday, 3rd August 2017, 10:23 am
Updated Monday, 11th September 2017, 12:44 pm
The new FlipBelt - a revelation for runners

The new FlipBelt has hit the UK and it is a must have accessory.

The days of baggy sweat pants with bulky pockets are long gone.

Active wear is sleeker and more stylish than ever before.

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Just an example of what it can hold

FlipBelt is a singular tubular waistband that solves one of the biggest irritations when working out - where to tuck your must-have items.

I tested out the Classic FlipBelt on a recent 5km training run and was highly impressed with the amount I could tuck away, and not only that, it didn't feel cumbersome, in fact I actually couldn't actually feel I was wearing it.

Made of a moisture-wicking, spandex-lycra blend, FlipBelt is every bit as flattering and contoured as the rest of today’s athletic wear and carries your on-the-go essentials without tying up your hands. To keep items secure, simply slide them inside the belt and then flip it over. Now, everything you need is sitting snug on your hip. No bulk. No bounce.

Product information:

FlipBelt is available in a range of colours

Price: FlipBelt Classic £25, FlipBelt Reflective £32, FlipBelt Zipper £32

Unisex sizes: XS-XL

Colours: Black, Carbon, Neon Punch, Violet, Royal Blue, Aqua, Hot Pink, Nuclear Yellow and Neon Green

For more information visit:

Just an example of what it can hold
FlipBelt is available in a range of colours