Here's what we thought of our day of fun in the sun at South Yorkshire's Clifton Park

We’ve been at Clifton Park less than five minutes, and Imogen already has an ice cream in hand. A pink and white one. With sprinkles.

Tuesday, 23rd July 2019, 6:13 pm
Updated Monday, 29th July 2019, 11:52 am
We loved the funfair park at Clifton Park

With temperatures sky-rocketing this week, the two of us have come in search of opportunities to keep cool – and Clifton Park’s water splash is calling.

I can’t believe that I’ve never been here before.

The park is rammed today, with families eating picnics and playing ball games on the grass, children laughing in the water fountains, and squealing on the rides.

Clifton Park's water splash was the perfect way to cool down as temperatures sky-rocketed this week

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The trampolines are our first port of call, at my five year old’s insistence, and Imogen grins with delight on a five minute bounce in the sunshine. The funfair park is our next visit, where we purchase a fun pass for £1 and pay £10 for 12 credits. Each ride costs one credit (with the exception of the bumper cars which costs two) and Imogen spends the next hour happily going from the toon train, log fall roller coaster, and chair-o-planes, to the space jets, mini miami ride, go-gator roller coaster, and Indian canoe water ride. It’s a lovely little area, absolutely ideal for young children, and I’m having as much fun watching her as she clearly is, but in the sun-trap of the funfair park, I’m thrilled when she announces it’s time to visit the water splash.

The water splash is also packed with kids – and a few adults – paddling in the water, and splashing through over 70 giant water jets, that all activate at random. While kids, from tots to teens, giggle and splash, adults relax on tables at the nearby cafe, or eat picnics and snooze on the surrounding grass. It’s simply amazing fun, and after 30 minutes we’re well and truly cooled and ready to take on some more park fun.

We head to the mini arcade to play some games, and finish off with a couple more rides until Immy’s fun pass credit runs out. A trip to the adventure playground, where Immy plays, scrambles, climbs and zip-lines in the sand is the last thing on our list before we head back to the car. There’s so much at the Rotherham park that we didn’t even get to on our first ever visit, including a brilliant-looking mini-golf park. I’m utterly impressed with the rides, the facilities – including the free water splash - and am pleased with the value. In total, including the funfair park, trampolines, arcade, lunch for both of us and ice cream, we’ve spent £25. For a full day of fun in the sun this summer, I’d give this place a wholehearted thumbs up. We’re hanging on to the fun pass for our next visit.

Visit for full details of facilities, opening times and prices.

Imogen Farah - Clifton Park summer fun
The trampolines were a big hit!
Imogen Farah - Clifton Park summer fun