Here are the solutions for Tuesday's Sheffield Star daily puzzles

From 'Lupins’ to 'Penurious’, here are the answers you've been looking for.

Wednesday, 16th June 2021, 9:20 am

Here are the latest answers for The Star, Sheffield daily crossword puzzles.

We’ll be uploading brand new challenges to the website every single day so hopefully you will always find one to enjoy - including the likes of quick crosswords, cryptic crosswords, sudoku and word wheels.

You can also look through the puzzles from the previous two weeks if you’ve missed one.

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Here are all of the crossword answers that you’ll need for Tuesday, June 15, 2021:


Cryptic: Across: 7 Lupins 8 Napped; 10 Drop off; 11 Range; 12 Rank; 13 Lehar; 17 Grasp; 18 Nero; 22 Equip; 23 Violets; 24 Sparse; 25 Immure.

Down: 1 Gliders; 2 Appoint 3 Snook; 4 Fairway; 5 Spans; 6 Adder; 9 Offensive; 14 Propose; 15 Revenue; 16 Coaster; 19 Lease 20 Susan; 21 Norma.

Quick: Across: 7 Proper; 8 Hither; 10 Evasive; 11 Large; 12 Solo; 13 Quake; 17 Lucid; 18 Hurt; 22 Brave; 23 Upbraid; 24 Dispel; 25 Assign.

Down: 1 Appease; 2 Totally; 3 Remit; 4 Dislike; 5 Short; 6 Grief; 9 Penurious; 14 Quieten; 15 Lunatic; 16 Student; 19 Abide; 20 False; 21 Abuse.