Inside Factory Floor at Neepsend. Picture: Dean Atkins.Inside Factory Floor at Neepsend. Picture: Dean Atkins.
Inside Factory Floor at Neepsend. Picture: Dean Atkins.

First look inside ‘unique’ new Sheffield bar in a former factory with a special way of making drinks

A former spring factory in Sheffield has been turned into a new bar with a very special way of making drinks.

Factory Floor, on Burton Road in Neepsend, is run by the team behind the city’s popular Peddler street food market, who say the venture offers a ‘unique’ experience unlike anywhere else in the country.

The venue’s interior emphasises the industrial past of a building that was once the home of manufacturing firm Turton Springs. There is minimalist wooden seating and lighting, pictures giving an insight into the place’s heritage, as well as the focal point behind the terrazzo concrete bar – a laboratory-style ‘drip infusion’ system that mixes refreshments in a specific way.

The system begins with premium spirits, which are poured into a hopper and then dripped at a low rate into a substrate that sits in a middle chamber and consists of fruits, herbs and spices. This percolates slowly with every drip, extracting the flavour – after several hours, the resulting infusion accumulates in the system’s bottom beaker and is served to the customer, who can either consume the drink straight or pair it with a mixer.

Factory Floor has teamed up with Sheffield bioponics lab Leaf & Shoot, which has devised a bespoke way of growing herbs such as fennel, coriander and red basil to garnish the ‘drip infusion’ drinks.

Beer hasn’t been forgotten, however – Factory Floor’s ale is brewed at Burton Road by Neepsend Brew Co. and piped straight in to chilled tanks either side of the main bar.

Hearing music at the venue is a premium experience too, as a set of loudspeakers made by Danley Sound Labs have been imported from Florida and set up quadrophonically.

Factory Floor is open from Thursday to Sunday and can be found at 92 Burton Road, where Peddler is also held and will mark its sixth anniversary on October 2 and 3.

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