25 funny trivia questions to include in your online pub quiz

With lockdown set to last for at least a few more weeks, there will be plenty more opportunities to take part in online pub quizzes with family, friends and colleagues.

By The Newsroom
Sunday, 26th April 2020, 9:38 pm
Updated Sunday, 26th April 2020, 9:40 pm

Doing the quiz is fun, but it somebody in the group will always have the job of writing it.

It can often be a daunting task, but one way to keep your participants on their toes is to include some quirky questions in your rounds.

Inject a bit of fun into your lockdown trivia night with these funny and often unbelievable quiz questions.

A sign is displayed on the door of a closed pub on March 21, 2020 in London, England. (Photo by Julian Finney/Getty Images)


1 What is the most common colour of toilet paper in France?

2 If you dug a hole through the centre of the earth starting from Wellington in New Zealand, which European country would you end up in?

3 Henry VIII introduced which tax in England in 1535?

4 What is the correct term for a question mark immediately followed by an exclamation mark?

5 The average person does what thirteen times a day?

6 Coprastastaphobia is the fear of what?

7 What were the first ice hockey pucks made out of?

8 It's illegal in Texas to put what on your neighbour’s Cow?

9 Which bird is nicknamed The Laughing Jackass?

10 Who entered a contest to find his own look-alike and came 3rd?

11 French artist Aquabouse paints cows with what material?

12 In 1978 an Iowa judge dismissed a drink driving charge for what obscure reason?

13 In which country are there six villages called Silly, 12 called Billy, and two called Pratt?

14 Native to the Caribbean, what sort of animal is the mountain chicken?

15 The UK's Dyslexia Research Trust is based in which British city?

16 What nickname was given to Rembrandt's The Night Watch after being over-restored in the 1940s?

17 True or false: You can sneeze in your sleep

18 Who invented the word vomit?

19 Which European country has 158 verses to its national anthem?

20 Which country has the most tornadoes by area?

21 The leader of which country has his face on all the joghurt pots, has named the month January after himself and banned ballet.

22 What is Scooby Doo’s full name?

23 What is the collective noun for a group of unicorns?

24 Where was the fortune cookie invented?

25 What is the cross between a donkey and a zebra known as?


1 Pink

2 Spain

3 A beard tax

4 Interrobang

5 Laughs

6 Constipation

7 Frozen cow dung

8 Grafitti

9 Kookaburra

10 Charlie Chaplin

11 Cow dung

12 Too drunk to sample

13 France

14 Frog

15 Reading

16 The Day Watch

17 False

18 William Shakespeare

19 Greece

20 England

21 Turkmenistan

22 Scoobert Doo

23 A blessing

24 San Francisco

25 Zeedonk