Fans cheer during a festival show. Picture: Gina Wetzler/Getty Images.

Here are 10 things you can look forward to doing when the pandemic ends

It is fast approaching a year since the coronavirus pandemic hit the UK in earnest – 12 months that have involved unprecedented restrictions being placed on everyday life.

By Richard Blackledge
Thursday, 21st January 2021, 12:41 pm

So many things people once did without a moment’s hesitation have been either off-limits or severely curbed to fight the worst public health crisis in living memory.

But there is hope on the horizon – vaccines are being rolled out and there are other factors which should, as an expert said this week, mean life will improve in 2021.

Here are 10 things that everyone can look forward to doing when the pandemic fades.

All pharmacies should be used as part of the vaccine programme as they are trusted, have the expertise and are local to every community. JPIMedia's 'Shot In The Arm' campaign calls for everyone to have the ability to get a jab within 10 minutes of their home by using our great pharmacy network.

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