Thieves hop it with pet rabbit

A PET rabbit was stolen from its hutch in South Yorkshire just weeks after another of its owner's bunnies went missing and her pet cat was lost.

Tuesday, 2nd October 2007, 9:36 pm
Updated Thursday, 18th October 2007, 8:29 am

Mum-of-two Sharon Jenkinson says a suspicious number of animals have gone AWOL from Alison Drive in Swallownest in recent months.

She says a kitten went missing from one neighbouring house and a Staffordshire bull terrier was taken from another.

Today Sharon, a vet's nurse, said: "Our baby bunny went missing in July and our cat Doris went missing in June. It makes you wonder if there is something going on."

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The latest theft - of black rescue rabbit Gwen - happened when Sharon and her children George, 13, and Emily, 11, were away.

Gwen's run, water bottle, toys and several accessories from her cage were all taken with her.

"There must have been at least three people involved in the theft to be able to carry the big run," said Sharon.

"Gwen had quite a lot of toys because we felt sorry for her being a rescue rabbit, and everything has been taken. I can only assume that either she was taken to be kept as a pet or to be sold as a job lot with her things."