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Entertainer Graham Fellows, dressed as his     character"John Shuttleworth"
Entertainer Graham Fellows, dressed as his character"John Shuttleworth"
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JOHN Shuttleworth, described by the Sunday Telegraph as “a national institution... the 42nd best reason to love Britain”, is back on the road again after a longish absence.

The Sony and Perrier Award-nominated comedy genius ventures beyond his Crookes garden gate to tread the mean streets of Britain and answer some vital questions.

Which is better: city life or country living? Supermarket or village shop? Or is it better to sit in your shed and just count the cobwebs?

These are the kinds of issues that the star of Radio 4’s The Shuttleworths has explored before on his 
TV shows 500 Bus Stops 
and It’s Nice Up North.

John will no doubt be entertaining the crowds at the Crucible tomorrow, Friday, with his greatest hits on his Yamaha keyboard and possibly one of his newest songs, heard at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival last year, asking Whatever Happened to Vince Hill.

Fans will also be looking forward to hearing what his wife Mary thinks and the latest on the sometimes strained relationship with his neighbour and sole agent, Ken Worthington.

It’s been too long since we’ve heard from one of Sheffield’s greats.

Isn’t it about time we launched the campaign here to get him his very own star on the city Walk of Fame? Surely Mary would be very proud of that. As long as she didn’t have to polish it.