South Yorkshire actors in hunt for body

Thurgoland Thespians
Thurgoland Thespians
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Amateur actors in South Yorkshire are searching for somebody – any body – to play a key role in a forthcoming production.

Thurgoland Thespians are preparing to stage farce Out of Order – but need a man to play the part of a body.

Nick Hibberd, director, said anyone applying for the role has to be shorter and lighter than him, as cast members need to carry the body around the stage.

He said: “At more than 6ft and weighing in at more than 14 stones, the other actors are struggling to carry me around the stage, as is required as the plot develops.

“Not only that, but while I’m not averse to playing the role if I have to, I would prefer to be front of house working the lights and sound effects where I can direct the play to best effect.”

The play revolves around government minister Richard Willey, who finds himself in a career-ending situation at a four-star London hotel after he discovers the body of a man trapped in the suite’s sash window.

Mr Hibberd said: “In an attempt to lie his way out of his predicament he calls on the help of his innocent side-kick, George, who gets more embroiled in the increasingly tangled tale improvised by the unscrupulous lead character as events unfold.

“The audience gets fully drawn into the saga as one lie simply leads on to another with greater and greater hilarious consequences.”

He said the body is discovered early on in the show and plays a ‘pivotal role’ within it.

Actors looking to apply for the role should be over 25, ideally below 6ft and weighing less than 14 stone. Out of Order is set to be performed at the end of September, with rehearsals every Sunday evening at Thurgoland Village Hall.

n For details, call 07912 124543.