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michael mcintyre
michael mcintyre
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One of the biggest shows at Last Laugh is Happy & Glorious, Michael McIntyre’s two-date stint at Sheffield Areans.

After a three-year absence when he was off making hit TV shows, Michael McIntrye is now returning to stand-up comedy.

He said ahead of taking his new show on the road: “I really, really love stand-up. There is huge excitement about having done the work in lots of warm-up shows and knowing that the jokes are funny.

“I did a Comedy Gala in Brighton recently to 2,000 people, and it was so lovely to be out there again. It’s wonderful to be able to share my new jokes with people.”

The comedian, who has won enough awards to endanger the stability of his mantelpiece, adds: “I’m bringing everything to this show – voices, physical comedy, the works. That way, I can really paint pictures on stage.

“If it’s genuinely working, you hit sections that are very funny and the audience just lap it up. I now know that every time I reach a certain bit, they’ll applaud.

“My job is to get the whole show to that level. I’m so excited about it!”

He puts a lot of effort into his shows, saying: “The last thing I want to do is just bang the show out. I want to say to people, ‘Come into my world’. I want to get them in the palm of my hand.”

The comedian goes on to outline some of the themes he is addressing in Happy & Glorious. “You look at the things in my life and they’ll be my material. Holidays, hotels, motorway services – that’s my life. Anything is ripe for comedy.

“I’ll be discussing health stuff and the fact that I’ve lost a lot of weight. And as always, I’ll be talking about my children. They’re in my life, and they’ll always be in my jokes.”

But there is one new element in Michael’s life that has gifted him an entire section of the show. The comic, who hosted the Royal Variety Performance last year, reveals that “I’ve bought a house in the country that has given me 20 minutes of material.

“I used to flick through Country Life magazine – they tend to be in dentists’ waiting rooms. Over the years I’d look at page after page of gorgeous country cottages. It was a fantasy of mine to have an idyllic

place in the rolling hills, so finally I bought one. But sadly I didn’t realise what I was getting into.”

The stand-up, who has fronted his own BBC1 programme Michael McIntyre’s Comedy Roadshow, continues that, “When I flush the loo in London, I don’t for a moment think about the plumbing. It just happens.

“But it turns out that idyllic houses in the middle of nowhere don’t have plumbing. They have septic tanks that you have to empty once a year. They don’t highlight that in the estate agents’ brochures.

“People always say, ‘the previous owners left all their crap behind.’ Well, I’m literally in that situation!”

Michael’s show as at Sheffield Arena on Friday and Saturday October 16 and 17. Box office: or call 0114 256 5656.