REVIEW: Wildboyz, City Hall

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Wildboyz - the ‘z’ shows just how ‘wild’ it is, apparently - is described as being an “hysterical journey with four celebrities”. Unfortunately, the definitions of both ‘hysterical’ and ‘celebrities’ seem to be debatable.

The show sticks to a tight formula of crude sexual innuendos and half-hearted jokes about the boys’ - Jordan’s ex Alex Reid, former Hollyoak actor Marcus Patrick, Corrie’s Danny Young and once Big Brother contestant Dale Howard - so-called celebrity; it’s clearly supposed to be self-aware but one wonders just how seriously they’re actually taking all of this.

The jokes are standard fare – mostly gags about various genitalia and discussing sexual acts. If you think that’s barely enough to fill a two act show, then you’re right. A prime example would be the initial flight at the airport that causes the boys to meet – the flight number is 69, a gag which is repeated ad nauseum.

It’s not until the second act that the boys – as the woman next to me shouts – ‘take it all off’. The vague semblance of a plot means that they are performing their strip act on some reality show, and they begin rehearsals.

Soon, the clothes come off and they are left simply in their tight underwear. At this point, the same woman digs her elbow into my ribs and hisses in my ear, “well, that’s disappointing”.

Various strip shows and teases follow, including a childhood-ruining routine to the Bob the Builder theme tune.

If cheap innuendo and Z-list celebrity strippers are your thing, then Wildboyz will definitely be something you enjoy. If not, then it’d be best to give this one a miss.