Review: Tony Law, Crucible Studio

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IT sticks in the craw somewhat when towards the end of tonight’s show, Tony Law turns on an audience member.

The Canadian takes umbridge when the woman in question chooses not to laugh at a (not especially funny) routine about parenthood. He singles her out and insinuates she is probably not a good mother.

Which would be fine coming from many comedians; part of the rough and tumble of stand-up; a hazard of a front row seat.

Except Law himself has spent half the show declaring himself opposed to such behavior His first 10 minutes is a critique of ‘banter’; he rails against bullying and misogyny in comedy; and he has an entire set-piece dedicated to calling Frankie Boyle a prat.

Quite right, too.

So it’s a shame that when a young woman doesn’t laugh at his work, his principles go out the window.

The rest of the set? Funny and surreal and superbly delivered. The finale – an admission he has no idea how to write a finale – is a work of post-modern genius.

It’s just a shame before that this so-called gentleman of comedy turned out to be such a Boyle on the backside.