Review: The Life and Loves of a Nobody, Crucible Studio

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Sheffield company Third Angel have created this fascinating piece looking at just how far people will go to become famous.

Writer and director Rachael Walton and collaborator Nick Chambers tell the story of another Rachael, an ordinary 36-year-old, often using ingenious means.

We learn of her childhood, of her running away to the circus to flip burgers, coming home and working in a care home, getting married and divorced, mourning failed pregnancies…

All the time she dreams of being famous and right at the end of the play we find out exactly how badly she wants that 15 minutes.

The two actors move various props about, probably the most effective being two huge pieces of paper that represent a house that they cut windows out of.

At one point they pull paper butterflies along on a pulley system. The effect is lovely but it takes a bit too long and feels needlessly repetitive after a few minutes.

The show is charming, often funny and intriguing and the story is well told. The ending is a clever twist that neatly makes its point.