Review: The Gruffalo’s Child, Lyceum Theatre

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The Gruffalo’s Child, Lyceum Theatre

Down in the deep dark forest, hundreds of Sheffield children are loving their first experience of theatre.

Cute, cuddly and not too scary, popular book The Gruffalo’s Child is being brought to life on stage.

There are just three actors who carry the entire show and it lasts less than an hour but it works well for such a young audience.

The young Gruffalo star and mouse carry the story while daddy Gruffalo sleeps and snores through most of the show.

All the favourites including mouse, fox and owl put in appearances.

There are lots of chances for the audience to join in and more than a sprinkling of craziness to keep them laughing.

The show arrived in Sheffield yesterday and was performed in front of a young crowd who were very noisy throughout.

But if you can’t get away with asking questions and rustling about during a show for pre-school tots, when can you?

Singing, dancing and shouting through theatre is clearly the best way to make sure youngsters are entertained even if they can’t quite sit still.

And when they know the story so well they can join in with rhymes, it is even better.

The Gruffalo’s Child is on at the Lyceum today at 10.30am and 1.30pm.

Nancy Fielder