Review: The Alternative Comedy Cabaret, Harrisons 1854

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SEAN Morley, compere and founder of Sheffield’s fast growing Alt Com Cab, makes it clear what he thinks of reviewers early on in tonight’s show.

“No-one cares what you think,” he tells your correspondent from the stage.

Which perhaps makes the next 100 or so words rather pointless. We’ll press on anyway.

Tonight’s gig – featuring seven comics for just £3 – features all the ingredients usually associated with an alternative comedy night: several moments of genius, several excruciating silences and plenty of sexual references.

We’ll not go into the low lights (although Johnny Sorrow fully lives up to his name) but among the best bits are Ian Crawford appearing as a cutlery safety inspector and Andrew McBurney’s turn as a spurned lover.

Sean Morley, himself, meanwhile, has a charmingly wry take on the world – not least when discussing a Canadian friend mocking an English Defence League protest.

“Deep down I wanted to say ‘Don’t you laugh at our English racists’,” he notes.

A top show in all. Not, of course, that anyone cares what I think.