REVIEW: Swallows and Amazons, The Lyceum

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“I read it as a kid - you’ll love it.” Depending on the age of your children, you’ll know that such words spoken by a grandparent will do one of two things; if the kids are young enough it will make them desperate to go and if they are that certain age where they know absolutely everything, it will do just the opposite.

So we headed off to Swallows And Amazons at the Lyceum with mixed expectations.

I have to admit my children haven’t read this classic book but they were thrilled by the adventure from the start. There are two groups of children who meet up with exploring a small island and take on a battle against all ‘barbarian’ adults. It is a delightfully heart-warming tale of pirates, boats and friendship.

The six main characters are brought to life wonderfully by Celia Adams, Sophie Waller, Akiya Henry, Richard Holt, Katie Moore and Stewart Wright.

The players in blue overcoats transformed from musicians to the ocean whenever needed and made very clever use of a very simply costume. The end scenes are absolutely brilliant and had the entire theatre in uproar. It’ll make you wish for the days before health and safety, and yearn for that imaginative freedom that thrives in young minds.

Which only goes to confirm that we should all pay more attention to grandparents’ advice.

Runs until Saturday.