Review: Midnight Tango, Lyceum Theatre

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IT would certainly have drawn more than a 7.

And if Strictly’s Len Goodman had been in the audience at the Lyceum when Vincent Simone and Flavia Cacace from the hit TV show took to the stage in their show Midnight Tango, he would definitely have handed out a 10.

Set in a downtown bar in Argentina’s capital Buenos Aires, the loose storyline centres on two lovers using stunning dance to plot out key stages in their relationship, in a spectacle produced by former Strictly judge Arlene Phillips and Adam Spiegal. It begins with fun and flirty routines to symbolise love’s beginnings – all pastel shades and twirling skirts – progressing on to the more passionate moves of a tango.

Along comes the inevitable jealousy and a dramatic scene where a fight is played out for Flavia between Vincent and another male dancer from their 10-strong supporting cast.

It’s hard to pick when they were at their best; in the heart-melting romance where finally Vincent gets his girl, or the fiesta scenes of the final act as they celebrate their love in an explosion of colour, music and energy. The couple are mesmerising, particularly in the more frantic part, when their legs intertwine in almost impossible fashion, leaving us bamboozled as to where one body ends and the other begins.

Backed by talented band Tango Siempre, with an unexpected turn from Flavia on violin, and an evocative 1920s-themed set, the show is sleek, stylish and sexy.

Sarah Dunn