REVIEW: Les Ballets Trockadero de Monte Carlo, Lyceum Theatre, Sheffield

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FROM the moment the curtain rises to reveal a cheesy set and an insane amount of dry ice smoke, you know you are set for a hilarious evening.

The Trocks, as they are known, have spent more than 30 years poking gentle fun at every aspect of classical ballet but it’s done with a love of the art at its heart. Indeed, all the men in the troupe can dance the roles beautifully and it’s amazing to see great hairy blokes in tutus who can go up on point and perform all a ballerina’s moves with grace and perfect timing.

At times the dancing is enchanting and the Trocks know when to let it flow and when to put the laughs in.

The visual jokes come thick and fast, derived from the mess-ups and mistimings and the rivalries and clashes of egos on stage.

They performed all the favourite set pieces from Swan Lake, poked a little fun at the more avant garde Balanchine style and went on to the famously baffling piece, Raymonda’s Wedding.

The audience gave them a lot of well-deserved applause, which they rewarded with a little bit of Riverdance, surely another dance style just waiting for a send-up show.