Review: Jack & The Beanstalk, Lyceum

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What’s not to love in a show that features a breakdancing cow?

This is a proper, traditional pantomime that presses all the buttons for family entertainment.

Speaking of Buttons, thank goodness that Damian Williams is back in his rightful place as Dame Trot.

The costumes are great and he 
expertly works the crowd, getting the youngsters involved in all the cheering and booing and doing some knowing double entendre for the mums and dads.

One dad – it was Lee on the night I went – will regret sitting in the front row as Damian has a bit of fun at his expense. Lee went along with it all beautifully.

But a panto isn’t a one-man show and Ian H Watkins from Steps as Jack struck just the right note. He was ribbed mercilessly about S Club 7 and enjoyed performing Steps’ big hit, Tragedy.

Andrew Fettes as the villain, Madeleine Leslay playing Princess Tamara, Pete Dunwell as King Eric and Vegetable Fairy Sarah Earnshaw all have lots of energy and charisma and really help the show to shine.

There’s some moments of sheer laugh-out-loud genius, as when Damian swings on stage on a wrecking ball in a vest and underpants in a great Miley Cyrus spoof.

The beautifully-worked tribute to Les Miserables at the end of the first act is another highlight.

The giant is very cleverly done and sponsors Our Cow Molly must be pleased they got their money’s worth with lots of daft plugs.

No wonder people are booking now for Dick Whittington next year.