Review: Horrible Histories, Lyceum Theatre

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Horrible Histories, Lyceum Theatre

THINK of a your best history lesson crossed with a panto and you’re not far off what a Horrible Histories live show is about.

Adapted from Terry Deary’s huge-selling series of books and resultant popular TV series, the stage offering has an auditorium full of kids laughing, yelling, interacting and, most importantly, learning something while being entertained.

That was certainly how this parent felt as we were taken back to the ancient and brutal past of The Awful Egyptians via a story that flowed, rather than the sketches of the telly show, with some 3D ‘Bogglevision’ effects thrown in for extra scares.

The brilliant Birmingham Stage Company again do justice to Deary’s alternative method of engaging kids, with the gore and often unsavoury facts of our less than politically correct ancestors delivered in a way that presses the right buttons for young theatre-goers, some possibly on their first visit.

Phil Clark directs an energetic, efficient and engaging cast of five, as museum raiders Storey (Luke Broughton) and Bill (Gary Wilson), and visiting school girl Maisie (Lauryn Redding), accidentally re-awaken the spirit of the great Pharaoh Ramesses (Michael Moulton), leading to a revealing journey back to ancient Egypt with all its gods, pyramids and religious sacrifices.

This Horrible lot are here until tomorrow with this show and The Ruthless Romans. Visit Sheffield Theatres website for show times and prices.

David Dunn