REVIEW: Go Back For Murder, Pomegranate Theatre

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Suspense and intrigue building up to a gripping conclusion are all hallmarks of a classic Agatha Christie drama.

This Official Agatha Christie Theatre Company production, featuring Gary Mavers, Liza Goddard and Lysette Anthony, contains all in equal measure.

Sophie Ward stars as Carla Le Marchant, whose mother died in prison for killing her philandering artist husband. But Carla finds a letter in which her mother Caroline says she is innocent and is determined to find the real killer.

Was it prim, devoted governess Miss Williams (Goddard), unhappy that Carla’s half sister was being sent off to boarding school, at the cost of her job?

Or maybe family friends Turnbull and Blake?

But could the father’s model and mistress Elsa (Anthony) be responsible as she learns that she is just one of a long line of women with whom he has cheated?

The characters are brought together to tell their accounts before the powerful conclusion.