REVIEW: Dick Barton - Special Agent, Library Theatre

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Remember dashing detective Dick Barton - always on a mission to save the free world?

There are obviously plenty who do as the laughter often started long before the punch line was delivered.

Sexual innuendos galore and puns a plenty, this play brings back to life a hero who kept a generation entertained during very difficult times.

Denys Edwards Players production is presented in original setting of a BBC radio studio.

That in itself is an interesting idea and while the talented cast rose admirable to the task it clearly means there isn’t much on stage action.

The radio sound effects team create noises in lots of imaginative ways and add a unique touch of noisy fun to the slightly crazy story line.

This show is a trip down memory lane which will prove very popular with original fans of the radio show. Dick Barton - Special Agent is on til Saturday.