REVIEW: Chicago, Lyceum

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THIS latest production of the enduring musical tale from the windy city has blown around the country for eight months sweeping up sell-out crowds in its wake.

And at the heart of the all-singing and dancing storm is former Corrie loudmouth Tupele Dorgu, arguably the star of the show as wonderfully watchable schemer Velma Kelly.

In fact, there are times when her vocal prowess outshines the gentler dulcets of Chloe Ames, tonight playing dancer Roxie Hart in place of former Hollyoaks actress Ali Bastian. Chloe looks the part, and is as sassy as she is cold and calculating as the lead, a cheating wife who uses her jail time and trial for murdering a lover as a platform for stardom.

Stefan Booth steps aside tonight (Monday) in favour of a slightly understated Ian Oswald as the slippery lawyer behind the headlines, devised with the murderous ladies he defends/manipulates.

With the band on stage and often part of the comedy action, the late ‘20s burst from the stage to generously nourish eye and ear in a near monochrome setting that throws the spotlight on stunning and often cheeky choreography from a far too fit-looking cast.

Bernie Nolan is a well-balanced Mama Morton (see tomorrow’s Star for our interview) at the ‘clink’ and Jamie Baughan plays Roxie’s gullible hubby. But the songs and set pieces – spirited opener All That Jazz, Cell Block Tango, We Both Reached For The Gun and My Own Best Friend - deservedly remain the guaranteed crowd-pleasers. Runs until Saturday.