REVIEW: Blood Brothers, Lyceum

Marti Pellow
Marti Pellow
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The initial thought of grown men playing seven- nearly eight-year old boys is rather daunting but after a few minutes I was convinced. Probably something to do with the fact they were genuinely spitting on stage.

Blood Brothers tells the story of two twin brothers living in Liverpool, one given away to a wealthy family who can not have children and the other raised by his working-class mother. It is essentially a case of nature versus nurture.

Verging on being a tragedy, the play covers matters of poverty, issues of class differences and unemployment and will leave you thinking about it long after the curtains are closed.

Marti Pellow, made famous in the ’80s as Wet Wet Wet’s frontman, plays the Narrator. He takes your hand and guides you through the story. Making a point to haunt the play, appearing in the shadows. One minute he’s there, the next minute he’s gone, doing and undoing his jacket button, he is almost always present even if it’s only in the corner of your eye.

And Marti’s not the only famous singer in this play, Maureen Nolan plays Mrs Johnstone and proves she can still sing a tune, even without her sisters. Her rendition of Tell Me It’s Not True was so heart-wrenching, it was accompanied by actual tears. Though I can’t quite work out the obsession with Marilyn Monroe.