Resistance and rebellion in the darkest days of Nazi rule

Voices of the Holocaust present Fragile Fire at the Library Theatre, December 4
Voices of the Holocaust present Fragile Fire at the Library Theatre, December 4
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Fragile Fire, Library Theatre

This new play, on tonight, from theatre group Voices of the Holocaust commemorates 70 years since the Warsaw Ghetto uprising and one of the most incredible acts of defiance in history.

Physical theatre is used to tell the story of 24-year-old Mordechai Anielewicz, who led a Jewish uprising against the Nazis.

After news reached Jewish people, who were trapped in the city’s ghetto by the Nazis, that people who were being taken off to the Treblinka camp were being murdered, a fighting organisation was formed with whatever weapons could be found or made.

In January 1943, resistance fighters fired upon Nazi soldiers who tried to round up more people to load them into railroad cattle trucks to go the camp. The troops were forced to retreat.

The success of that action led to a month-long armed uprising.

This powerful story of resistance and rebellion forms half of the evening.

World-renowned storyteller Shonaleigh, who lives in Sheffield, will tell the tale of The Fool of the Warsaw Ghetto.

In the last clearing of the ghetto, three children on a transportation to Auschwitz encounter the Fool. He offers them a moment of magic in which to escape – if they have the courage to take it…

Not all stories have a happy ending but they should all begin with outrageous hope.

Shonaleigh’s grandmother survived the Auschwitz death camp in Poland and taught her granddaughter 3,000 folk tales from the drut’syla tradition of Jewish women storytellers.

Box office: go to or pay on the door.