Play examines lives of two women who hide at home while danger lurks outside

Bandages by Kirsty Housley, is at the Assembly Room, Barnsley tomorrow
Bandages by Kirsty Housley, is at the Assembly Room, Barnsley tomorrow
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A play that enters into the strange, hidden world of two sisters is coming to Barnsley tomorrow.

Bandages looks at the peculiar lives of two women who hide away from the world in their home, convinced that they are safe from the dangers outside. But danger finds them anyway and threatens to leave their fantasy in tatters.

Director and writer Kirsty Housley said: “The younger sister’s idea of reality has been entirely constructed through the narratives her older sister has told her.There’s a problem which means the older sister, who is normally in charge, can no longer go outside.

The younger sister is sent out in her place with rather peculiar ideas about the world.”

Kirsty said that the play, which is the first that she has written, was inspired by stories she had read about twins and about people who are locked away from the world.

She added: “I think it’s quite entertaining. Also it’s very dark.” She said that different audiences have different reactions. Some find the sisters’ stories funny and others are more drawn to the darker side of their world.

She said that the set adds to the sense of strangeness and not knowing what is real and what is fantasy, with lots of unusual places to enter and exit.

“The audience see the world through the eyes of these two women. It is only when a third person enters that we get a different take on what that world might be.”

Kirsty said that she felt the reaction of newspapers like the Daily Mail to stories like the Philpotts, calling them a product of the welfare state, shows what can happen when people live in fear.

She added: “I’d really like people to hear what happens when you want to protect yourself above all else, what happens if you believe what you read in certain papers.

“There is a climate of fear and a lack of trust in other human beings.”

Bandages is at the Assembly Room Barnsley tomorrow.