Monologue off tram tracks

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TRAMLINES festival – which begins in earnest today – isn’t all about music, you know.

If you loiter in the makeshift car park behind The Grapes, on Trippet Lane, tonight you will understand why.

A new drama strand for the third festival sees a raw, original piece of theatre staged in an unlikely bit of the city centre.

Mike Drabble, of Unquiet Desperation, explains. “Lacuna is a monologue set in a derelict piece of wasteland with the speaker, a homeless teenager, warming his hands at a brazier.

“With the audience gathered round, it explores themes of belonging, love, control and madness. Do the margins of our society contain something other than the forgotten?

“What happens when a desire to heal is corrupted by pain and loss?”

Actor Alex Treece will perform for around 30 minutes, starting at 7.30pm.

The entrance is at the top of Bailey Lane and it costs nowt.